How to access rewards

Patrons can access their rewards by login with their Patreon account in my website.

Instructions:  New Website and how to access Downloads | Fotis Μint on Patreon

In case you have difficulties logging in to the website you can also use the Dropbox links at my Patreon homepage featured tags.

Tier Reward Galleries:

Peppermint Tier Gallery – FotisMint

Mint Condition Tier Gallery – FotisMint

Mint Partners Tier Gallery – FotisMint

What do i get by joining your Patreon

Patreon as a platform in general, is a place that you can support your favorite artists and help them bring more content to you in monthly basis. 

Since i started this page i give all my fanart back catalogue to the 5$ tier patrons, and all the back catalogue plus my original store files to the 10$ tier patrons. 40$ patrons also have the right to make money from physical copies (not digital) of my original creations while they are active on that tier.

I consistently release 5+ models of my personal preference each month. Suggestions on what to sculpt each month can be made in my discord server.

How can i communicate with you?

Best ways to communicate with me is via Patreon inbox, my discord server (which you will have access once your join my patreon), and email at


Only Mint Partner tier patrons while they are active on that tier can sell physical prints of my original models. (Selling in Etsy,eBay, personal websites, social media groups etc.) Sales of fanart is entirely up to the sellers responsibility .

Nobody is allowed to sell the digital files (stl files) .

CAn i share the files i get from you with others?

I have faith that people will do the right thing and keep the files for their own personal use. It is beyond my powers to control what everyone does with my files but i would ask you to please consider how much time these models take to be sculpted from scratch. So please try to keep them for yourself. It would mean a lot to me.